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Sunriver is one of my favorite places because I am a skier, a runner, a golfer and a shopper and I appreciate small relaxing villages. Our stay at the Caldera home was a wonderful mix of comfort, beauty and activites in a quiet restful environment.

We drove up from Eureka CA and went immediately to the newly remodeled grocery story in the Sunriver Shopping Center to buy groceries to prepare for our 3 day getaway. We picked up the keys at the real estate office and drove 3 miles to a beautiful gated community with close views of a golf course and vista views of mountain ranges and a beautiful sunset.

We found the house and pulled in to the paved driveway and the 3 car garage. I had imagined a cabin and instead found a house with beautiful wood floors, 4 bathrooms, 3 of them in their own master bedrooms, a laundry room, office, dining room, family room with a view and a fireplace and a gourmet, fully stocked kitchen. I had to chose between trying out all the appliances, or all the bathtubs. I decided to think about it in the hot tub on the porch with a view of the sunset, the deer and the golf course.

The feel of the place was spacious and relaxing. I could imagine spending more time here and inviting 2 other couples. We could all have a master bedroom which includes our own shower and bathtub and a walk in closet I appreciated being able to unpack and have easy access to all my things. It felt like home with a comfortable kitchen and pantry and a chef’s barbeque if you wanted to eat outside on the deck.

The golf course is a short 9 hole course a half mile from the house, the neighborhood roads are perfect for an after dinner walk and the ping pong table was great evening entertainment. We had a wonderful relaxing weekend, that didn’t cost us anything other than food and the rent as everything else was available in the home. It was a great value and a beautiful, active weekend.